Let There Be Fireworks

Its close to that time to were explosions is expected and colors in the sky is a way of art. In my option I like to hear the huge bombs go off and people getting excited to buy new fireworks for more of the explosion, But mod t importantly its about the independence day of america and yes america is far from perfect but it could be worse. Im not a political guy so im not going to jump in that boat but im more sensitive and observant to peoples emotions and reactions and I have experinced a quite of it alot and came down to a conclusion that people are people; some are nice, rude, interesting, weird, mysterious, etc.Being different is what makes america unique and yea there is tension between people to who is right or wrong, but you have to accept that it is better than living in a society where everyone thinks or do the same thing. Being different isn’t so bad, its just on how you look at it and what you do. As always stay awesome and never be simple minded and too bias, just be chill and take it easy.


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