A Stuttering Survey

Apologies for me being MIA, work and school have taken up a lot of my time as of late, however I’ll hopefully be seeing an orchestra concert with my friend next month, so I’ll have loads to write about in regards to that. I just received this email and found the below survey to be interesting. Please feel free to try it out for yourself.

– James


My name is Kate Cunningham and I am with the Wheat Lab at the University of Mississippi, where we advocate for stuttering research and with the self-help community. Recently, we have been researching how stuttering behaviors can be found in other non-spoken expressive modalities (e.g., sign language, musical expression, handwriting), suggesting that stuttering is far bigger than what we think it is. While we have found over 100 years of articles and evidence, we’ve also noticed that this topic is being overlooked by the mainstream research community. Since this really cool aspect of stuttering research is being overlooked by mainstream researchers, we have made a quick, two-minute survey to ask members of the stuttering community if they (we) have noticed stuttering-like behaviors in their penmanship.


Link to survey: http://uofmississippi.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_2fyF4sCmozMNQeF

Thank you for your time.

Kate Cunningham (Research Assistant)



Greg Snyder, PhD CCC-SLP
Associate Professor
The Wheat Laboratory for the Voice, Speech, and Hearing Sciences
Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
George Hall, Office 310
P.O. Box 1848
University, Mississippi


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