The Importance of Relaxation: For your Life and Others


It’s time to relax. Yes, put down your phone and close your eyes, take deep breaths. Are you calm? Wonderful!

People get consumed in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, they forget that their bodies need to recharge every now and then (Goldsmith, 2013). In many cultures we are supposed to “keep grinding” (Dale, 2013) this mentality drains our minds little by little, until we are no longer productive. This week for example is spring break for me, so instead of stressing myself out with getting ahead in homework or checking my email every five minutes, I decided to ignore my phone. For the first couple of days I felt as if I was going to have a heart attack, being separated from technology was almost too hard to bear, even though it was only temporary. During those days of no cell phone or email stalking, I actually felt more relaxed. All of the stresses that I felt on a daily basis now seemed silly and obsolete. Why worry about things you can’t control? This ideal is based upon fatalism (Solomon, 2002), though I’m not a strong believer in this particular philosophy, I see its merits. Though controversial, this ideology allowed me to relax and compose myself, instead of trying to fix things I found myself not worrying about them as much the time will come to finish later.

Let’s correlate how this comes to pass in stuttering or other speech difficulties. Making eye contact with the person we are talking to, orchestrating the sentence in our head, and finally saying it aloud is a lot of work. Making matters worse is if you need to continually revise it. Lately I’ve been re-reading the posts DJ, Xavier, and Ger and their knowledge has been enriching. I’ve always been in the realization that I must control every variable, which is why I continually find myself refusing to go out with people, for fear of the unknown. When I’m relaxed and calm, I tend to go with the flow and this is much more beneficial in my opinion. Remembering to relax will take time, although I’m hoping with support and encouragement it will be an easy transition for not only my health, but those around me as well.


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– James

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