Gorillaz and Depeche Mode

Hello everyone, I’m currently taking a brief respite from writing my paper for my sociology class, it’s on capital punishment. Anyway through the end of September and October I went to two concerts in Seattle. I’ll be honest, the gorillas concert was good but they played a lot of the new songs, which albeit is fine, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the direction that the concert went. Now with Depeche Mode, my Dad is from England so I grew up listening to both Gorillas and Depeche Mode, however in the Depeche Mode concert there were more people attending and the energy was more abundant then was the case for the Gorillaz concert. For your viewing pleasure please feel free to watch the concerts below.

Gorillaz (Humanz Tour – 2017):

Depeche Mode (Spirit Tour – 2017):


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Since it is Veterans Day in America I would like to thank all current and former veterans for their service.




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