First Time Cruising

Over mid winter break (or more commonly known as President’s Break) my family and I embarked on a cruise to the Bahamas, and it was amazing! However compiling two weeks worth of homework and quizzes, in order to not have to worry about anything while on the cruise was hard, it was well worth the added strain. Sailing on Disney Cruise Line.

Here’s a video of myself going down the Aquaduck on the Disney Dream:

Despite the fun and the chaos at times on the cruise I’ll admit I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to be more social with people, which continues to be a work in progress to me. Again, and I have no idea why I still am unable to comprehend this, but I was at a bar on the cruise ship and there was this girl (around the same age as me) casually brushing against me and sitting next to me, and the only thing I could muster was “Hi”. I mean considering the alternative was always me nodding or smiling, at least I said something, though I was struck by how to proceed when saying my first name took about five minutes, even though she was very patient with me.

Take care everyone,



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