Looking Foward

A lot has been going on in my life but in return I’m becoming a more wiser and knowledgeable person through each day. My stuttering is not as a problem since I practice to be patient with myself and having the confidence to control my speech. Im thankful I have my stuttering because it forces […]

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A New Direction

As my search of ways to minimize my stuttering, I have came to a revelation to understand who I am. Stuttering is more internal than external and with this idea gave me an new outlook of how I see myself as an person. Taking care of yourself psychologically can make a huge difference to how […]

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Let There Be Fireworks

Its close to that time to were explosions is expected and colors in the sky is a way of art. In my option I like to hear the huge bombs go off and people getting excited to buy new fireworks for more of the explosion, But mod t importantly its about the independence day of […]

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Choosing Friends

As years go by, you slowly find out who your true friends are. The good thing about being young is that you can do y he most idiotic stuff and get away with it but the purpose behind that ideology is that your expected to get that out of your system and when you grow […]

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Realizing The Change

I already talked about how change can affect someone’s life but now its about realizing the change of tge people around you. Acknowledging the choices or options that lay ahead of you as an indivisual because ur choices are over the group. Realizing the kind of people who ur associated with and if there changing […]

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We all have things that are of special value to us. To cars, electronics, etc and its good that someone has somthing of value to them, but lets talj about the identity of the value. Identity is what we perceive to see somthing or the knowledge of it. Just like anything else, this can be […]

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Being Thankful

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, also a time when he stopped segregation between Black and White people. As we know Martin Luther King is a passive aggressive person and a model of excellence. Even though he went against all the odds and achieved with great success. He is the defintion of a hero but […]

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As us as humans we do not know alot about alot of things or cant explain why things happen. Stuttering is one of those things because you cant predict if the next generation will have or if u develop it. These random things are just the natural order of life or somthing else, but there […]

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The Left Hemisphere

I might need to work on my titles because they might be a little confusing, I am mainly referring to the brain but on the left hemisphere. That part of the brain is worried free and anxiety free. Now these people who have truly master of being calm 24/7 are usually monks. Now there is […]

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Anger and Rage

Its typical for us to get irritated and annoyed at stuff, and its also normal for us to Anger because its human nature. Anger is mostly caused by people because some people do some stupid and nonsense stuff. Anger is more internal than external, its literally ur mind reacting to what is happening and what […]

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