I am taking a psychology class on personality and so far it is pretty good. The instructor is honest and he tells it how it is. Personality comes in all kinds of ways and behind personalitys is the disorders. Just like everything in this world, if ur attached to somthing on a unhealthy level it […]

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Down Time

We all have those moments when u feel like things are going south or that everyone or one specific person dosen’t  like being around you, but real qustion is if its true? 99 percent of the time its a lie because ur mind is playing tricks with you. The more you meditate or think about […]

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Stuttering in Public

My grandma showed me a video on a show called “America Hot Talent” and there was this guy called Drew Lynch who is a comedian, but the catch is that he stutters. He was still funny and he was ashamed or scared of being on live TV Stuttering. He is a inspiration because Im sure […]

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Taking Chances

Living life like ur in a vault is pretty nice, but can be boring. There is no discovery or curiosity because ur staying within ur comfort. Being comftorable is fine but growing and experiencing new stuff is better because that is what makes you into a better person. This can go for alot of things […]

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Laidback Youth

Most people today ate kind of up tight and a little to annoying with the things that are going around the world. There is a small amount people in the world who just take life as it is and just adept to it instead of those who try to ignore or fight against it. Now […]

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Unexpected Plans

We all have been through when plans have changed due to one person or thing that has caused it. The most important thing is how you recover from that and if the opportunity comes up again, what will you do different. Dwelling in the past has its pros and cons but its good to dwell […]

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Adapting and Growing

With things happening in the world, there are huge changes that has happen that will change society. Some people are lije the spectators, they dont agree nor disagree but just watch and never give anyone their opinions because they want to see what will happen. Now there is people who are activist who will take […]

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One Step At A Time

Progress is very slow for most people. This requires you to literally change yourself for better or worse, but its a option like everything in this world. Most know that bettering yourself is the key to have a easy going life but at the same time there are obstacles that come in are way that […]

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Every End is an Beginning

This is a very popular saying and is used in alot of films and video games. Its a true statement that has always been proven to be right through out history. Its a force of nature that cant be stopped and its both good and bad but it also depends on how you look at […]

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Ambition isn’t seen that much because of are society and the peer pressure. My Teacher taught me 2 days ago to be the the sore thumb in the group. To be the that one person who thinks ou outside the box and the one who doesn’t take the same old approach to things in life. […]

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