Catching The Moment

This week has been a little but ot was cool at the same time. My psychology teacher was like Master Yoda and gave us some wise words to remeber and use when we take test or just do stuff in our daily lifes. Also I went zombie hunting with few guys and it was intense […]

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Word Around Town

So i guess are blog is getting noticed which i have to say is honestly surprising cause me and my amigo just did this to help those or encourage but people want to help spread the word which i think is awesome and amazing. Im happy to be apart of this group to be able […]

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Faith or Evidents

The title might be a little too strong but its a choice we have on a daily basis. Evident are the hardcore facts of life which tell you truth, if you like it or not. Faith is all about you. Its topic weather you trust yourself than trusting someone else. Faith isn’t brought up alot […]

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Tomorrows Always A New Day

I am starting to not to worry about the small stuff because i know its like a Tick on my shoulder. If you take the moment to think of somthing that makes u feel super comftorable then you will notice the difference of how you feel. Also your confidence will be higher, and you might […]

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Trying New Things

These couple weeks I have been going to this youth group for bible study and i didnt think it would be good but it is. I was procrastinating if i should do it for years and i finally had the courage to step out if my confront zone and be around people who are similar […]

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The Right Moment

Sometimes the right moment can be very deceiving. It may look like you have the moment because everything seems to be going ur way but that’s how deception works and its fun when ur sucked into to it but when u fail, it really hurts ur heart and it might change you to be stronger […]

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Seventh Lion (Morale)

So the Seventh Lion is a group of people who are leaders, and not just any kind of leaders but inspirational leaders. They stand for good and never leave anyone behind or judge of who they are as a person. There might be all types of groups out there but the one thing that separates […]

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The Green Monster

We all know that the green monster is usually a meaning for jealously. Its like a virus that comes from anywhere. Its a poison to society but again its a wake up call for those who want to move on. Also jealously can be used in many ways but the real challenge is passing through […]

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Mistakes and The Past

Mistakes are very common and we do them so much to the point that we dont realize them. Its also easy ro let these mistakes haunt us and let them dictate¬† of how we live on a normal bases. The past works in a similar way because most dont know or recognize of what they […]

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Letting Go

Letting people go or forgetting about them is one of the most hardest things to do in life. Choosing of who you should be around and who you should stay away. Sometimes its obvious because you see the red flags of why this person isn’t right for you and at other times, it is very […]

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