First Time Cruising

Over mid winter break (or more commonly known as President’s Break) my family and I embarked on a cruise to the Bahamas, and it was amazing! However compiling two weeks worth of homework and quizzes, in order to not have to worry about anything while on the cruise was hard, it was well worth the […]

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Gorillaz and Depeche Mode

Hello everyone, I’m currently taking a brief respite from writing my paper for my sociology class, it’s on capital punishment. Anyway through the end of September and October I went to two concerts in Seattle. I’ll be honest, the gorillas concert was good but they played a lot of the new songs, which albeit is […]

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Adam Ant Concert

Hi, everyone! Last night I went to a concert by Adam Ant! Hope you’re all doing well! Work and school have been exhilarating and I’ve met someone who accepts me, stuttering and all, for me. Though we’re taking it slow and steady. – James

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A Stuttering Survey

Apologies for me being MIA, work and school have taken up a lot of my time as of late, however I’ll hopefully be seeing an orchestra concert with my friend next month, so I’ll have loads to write about in regards to that. I just received this email and found the below survey to be […]

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A New Opportunity

Today I officially became a para-professional in the ASC program at my local school district, and am starting my first day at Central Washington University to finish my degree in Sociology. I know this is a short post, however a lot of my energy over the past two months has went into this. Hope everyone […]

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Surfing into a New Hobby

Over this past week I was on a very enjoyable vacation with my family over in the Oregon Coast. My Dad and I went surfing, and let me say it was awesome! At first I thought I would drown and die a horrible death in the open ocean, since that’s what I thought would happen. […]

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A Weekend of Epic Proportions

Over the weekend I experienced two interesting phenomenon; one being my first bar experience, and the other seeing little people duke it out in the ring. All I can say is it was an AWESOME time! Over these past few months I’ve been kicking butt in my courses, now I only have two more left […]

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Individuals with Disabilities: Differences in Accommodations from College to the Workforce

Going through school with a disability can have numerous setbacks on your overall academic achievement, especially if you don’t qualify for access services or state assistance. This is a growing issue as now some people are finding themselves being turned away because they are not disabled enough, or they may have a documented disability although […]

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Reinforcing my Decisions – Psychology

In my psychology class yesterday, we learned about the humanist perspective on personality. This perspective details, “…the ability to help people deal with life more successfully.” During class yesterday I really connected with the humanist perspective. One of my reasons is whenever I generally see someone in distress; I have this natural instinct to offer my […]

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