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The Importance of Relaxation: For your Life and Others

It’s time to relax. Yes, put down your phone and close your eyes, take deep breaths. Are you calm? Wonderful! People get consumed in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, they forget that their bodies need to recharge every now and then (Goldsmith, 2013). In many cultures we are supposed to “keep grinding”… Continue reading The Importance of Relaxation: For your Life and Others

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Individuals with Disabilities: Differences in Accommodations from College to the Workforce

Going through school with a disability can have numerous setbacks on your overall academic achievement, especially if you don’t qualify for access services or state assistance. This is a growing issue as now some people are finding themselves being turned away because they are not disabled enough, or they may have a documented disability although… Continue reading Individuals with Disabilities: Differences in Accommodations from College to the Workforce

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Reinforcing my Decisions – Psychology

In my psychology class yesterday, we learned about the humanist perspective on personality. This perspective details, “…the ability to help people deal with life more successfully.” During class yesterday I really connected with the humanist perspective. One of my reasons is whenever I generally see someone in distress; I have this natural instinct to offer my… Continue reading Reinforcing my Decisions – Psychology

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Stereotyping and Prejudice

I have seen the dangers of prejudice, and consequently their effects. Before college I was the target of severe bullying and in some cases coerced into doing things I felt uncomfortable with. It began in grade school where being one of the few kids that stuttered awarded me the nicknames of: Freak, weirdo, moron, and… Continue reading Stereotyping and Prejudice

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A New Perspective of Myself

Hello everyone, for this quarter of college I’m taking classes that aren’t as taxing as my math and science courses were. Yep you guessed it, low-key courses. My courses include, American Civil War history (easy for me!), Microsoft Excel, and Sociology of the Family (very interesting!). Allow me to explain my thoughts and experiences briefly… Continue reading A New Perspective of Myself

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How Stuttering Affects Your College Education

This guest post is brought to us by Heather Jensen who is in association with Utah State University For many people who stutter, it begins between the ages of 2 to 4 years. Many of these people will then outgrow stuttering by 7 to 8 years of age. About 1% of the population, or about 3… Continue reading How Stuttering Affects Your College Education