A Weekend of Epic Proportions

Over the weekend I experienced two interesting phenomenon; one being my first bar experience, and the other seeing little people duke it out in the ring. All I can say is it was an AWESOME time! Over these past few months I’ve been kicking butt in my courses, now I only have two more left […]

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Choosing Friends

As years go by, you slowly find out who your true friends are. The good thing about being young is that you can do y he most idiotic stuff and get away with it but the purpose behind that ideology is that your expected to get that out of your system and when you grow […]

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Individuals with Disabilities: Differences in Accommodations from College to the Workforce

Going through school with a disability can have numerous setbacks on your overall academic achievement, especially if you don’t qualify for access services or state assistance. This is a growing issue as now some people are finding themselves being turned away because they are not disabled enough, or they may have a documented disability although […]

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Realizing The Change

I already talked about how change can affect someone’s life but now its about realizing the change of tge people around you. Acknowledging the choices or options that lay ahead of you as an indivisual because ur choices are over the group. Realizing the kind of people who ur associated with and if there changing […]

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Reinforcing my Decisions – Psychology

In my psychology class yesterday, we learned about the humanist perspective on personality. This perspective details, “…the ability to help people deal with life more successfully.” During class yesterday I really connected with the humanist perspective. One of my reasons is whenever I generally see someone in distress; I have this natural instinct to offer my […]

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We all have things that are of special value to us. To cars, electronics, etc and its good that someone has somthing of value to them, but lets talj about the identity of the value. Identity is what we perceive to see somthing or the knowledge of it. Just like anything else, this can be […]

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Stereotyping and Prejudice

I have seen the dangers of prejudice, and consequently their effects. Before college I was the target of severe bullying and in some cases coerced into doing things I felt uncomfortable with. It began in grade school where being one of the few kids that stuttered awarded me the nicknames of: Freak, weirdo, moron, and […]

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Being Thankful

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, also a time when he stopped segregation between Black and White people. As we know Martin Luther King is a passive aggressive person and a model of excellence. Even though he went against all the odds and achieved with great success. He is the defintion of a hero but […]

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As us as humans we do not know alot about alot of things or cant explain why things happen. Stuttering is one of those things because you cant predict if the next generation will have or if u develop it. These random things are just the natural order of life or somthing else, but there […]

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