A New Perspective of Myself

Hello everyone, for this quarter of college I’m taking classes that aren’t as taxing as my math and science courses were. Yep you guessed it, low-key courses. My courses include, American Civil War history (easy for me!), Microsoft Excel, and Sociology of the Family (very interesting!). Allow me to explain my thoughts and experiences briefly […]

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Taking a Step

Taking a step One foot in front of the other Right and left Or Left and right Just remember its going to be alright The sun may shine on you Making your day bright The clouds may surround you from all sides Making you feel demoralized But have faith We were meant to walk Don’t always think about […]

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The Road Traveled

We’ve made promises that we didn’t think through, We’ve said things without thinking them all the way, I wish I could turn back time, But you know that the past is behind, I wish to correct my wrongs, To turn them into rights, To allow compromise, Instead of fights, I wanted to help us grow […]

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Adapting and Growing

With things happening in the world, there are huge changes that has happen that will change society. Some people are lije the spectators, they dont agree nor disagree but just watch and never give anyone their opinions because they want to see what will happen. Now there is people who are activist who will take […]

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Wonderful News

The title suggests something more extravagant, such as a baby on the way or something that makes you spit coffee (or tea) out your nose. No mine is just about grades from college. Ever since I turned in my math final to the secretary, I’ve been nervously checking my school’s “Check My Grades” tab to […]

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